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                           Continuous Computer Stationery Manufacturer in Chennai.

Offset Printing

Multi Colour


We supply printed pamphlet or Flyer that is used to pass information about something. Brochures are advertising pieces mainly used to introduce a company or organization and inform about products and/or services to a target audience. Brochures are distributed by radio, handed personally or placed in brochure racks. They may be considered as grey literature. They are usually present near tourist attractions.

The most common types of single-sheet brochures are the bi-fold (a single sheet printed on both sides and folded into halves) and the tri-fold (the same, but folded into thirds). A bi-fold brochure results in four panels (two panels on each side), while a tri-fold results in six panels (three panels on each side).

Other folder arrangements are possible: the accordion or "Z-fold" method, the "C-fold" method, etc. Larger sheets, such as those with detailed maps or expansive photo spreads, are folded into four, five, or six panels. When two card fascia are affixed to the outer panels of the z-folded brochure, it is commonly known as a "Z-card".


We supply printed Books or printed materials published by the company containing the details of the products, design, etc.. and made of multiple sheets most often saddle stitched, stapled on the creased edge, or perfect bound like a paperback book.

Catologs are often printed using four color process on thick, glossy paper to give an initial impression of quality. Businesses may print small quantities of catalogs on a computer printer or on a digital printer, but offset printing turns out higher quantities for less cost.


We supply printed flyer or circular, handbill or leaflet, is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place or through the mail. Flyer are inexpensive to produce and can be a very effective form of direct marketing.

Single colour


We supply printed envelopes in different types and sixes required in various departments. These may range from Office Covers, Cloth Covers, Laminated Covers with and without windows, gummed lap, self seal and confidential.

Delivery Challan

This is used as a document bearing description, condition & quantity of goods for the purpose of locations of movement of the specified goods. Apart from sales invoice, it is advisable to have separate delivery challan in duplicate for obtaining endorsement of the receiver as a proof of actual delivery of the goods.

Goods-Inward- Note

This stationery is used to maintain the record of goods received at the point of receipt. This record is used to confirm all goods have been received and often compared to a purchase order before payment is issued.


This is used as proof that a monetary transaction has occurred between two parties. In business, a payment voucher can be used for a variety of purposes, sometimes taking the place of cash in a transaction, acting as a receipt, or indicating that an invoice has been approved for payment.

Purchase Order

This stationery is used for commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Acceptance of a purchase order by a seller forms a contract between the buyer and seller, so no contract exists until the purchase order is accepted. It is used to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers.

Excise Challan

This Stationery is used for the Customer/Client/organization wants to have predefined format for subcontracting challan (57F4) even though SAP provides this challan format with standard subcontracting excise challan transaction.

Pay Slips

It is used for the person's salary payment, that records how much money the person has earned and how much tax or insurance etc. has been taken out.


A receipt is a written acknowledgment that a specified article or sum of money has been received. A receipt records the purchase of goods or service.

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