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                           Continuous Computer Stationery Manufacturer in Chennai.

Computer Stationery


In the early stage of introduction of continuous stationery form only Blank/EZR forms were use before the introduction of the preprinted forms.

On a later development on this line people started using preprinted and the requirement of blank forms have become less utilized.

But today only for a very few area where printouts are required like checklist, covering letters, pay slips etc., these Blank/EZR are used. A few documents in smaller establishments who cannot afford to have preprinted invoice/documents these forms are used.

Preprinted Continuous Computer Stationery

We offer our clients a wide range of computer stationery printing service which is widely demanded in various commercial sectors and Government sectors. Our company deals in diverse range of computer papers such Blank/EZR and Pre-printed range of stationery. These forms are customized according to the customer’s requirement

Description of the Product

Product Name Pre printed continuous computer stationery Printing Service
Introduction Company’s name or logo can be printed as per the client’s requirement.
Application It can also be used as Letterhead, Invoice, Delivery note, Payment Voucher, etc. for printing data on White / Coloured Paper ranging from 58GSM onwards.
Sizes available 9” x 12”, 10" x 12", 11” x 12”, 12” x 12” 15" x 12", etc. or any other size per client’s requirements
Features /Advantages Single or Multi-part Stationery saves print time as well as cartridge.
Production detail 1 million forms/sheets per day
Technical detail / Specification Can be used on Dot-matrix or Line Printer
Packing / per piece quantity 60/70 GSM Single Part – 3000 forms/sheets 80 GSM Single Part – 3000 forms/sheets 2 Part / 3 Part – 1000 sets 4 Part - 750 Sets 5 Part / 6 Part - 500 sets
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